Your points of contact in the HR department

Do you have questions about a job advertisement, would you like to apply for a job as a trainee at CREMER, or will you shortly be coming to us for a job interview? If so, the first people you meet will generally be our HR team.

 Whether it’s recruitment, employee support or strategic staff development - your contact partners provide you with support for all your HR needs. We would like to introduce you to our HR team.

Maren Böden, Head of HR

Maren Böden has been managing the HR department at CREMER since 2016. She has many years of experience in HR management and her expertise in change management processes helps make her a crucial point of contact for supervisors and management alike. 

Within CREMER, Maren Böden oversees staff development and management coaching, and supports her team in all operative issues. In addition to her role, she works as an honorary judge at the Labour Court in Hamburg and is currently completing a Master’s degree with a focus on business coaching and change management. 

Maren, a mother of several children, is especially skilled in organisation and keeps both her nerve and sense of humour during stressful situations.

Carolin Schwerin-Kirsch, HR consultant

Carolin Schwerin-Kirsch started at CREMER as a student assistant in the HR team back in 2014. Following successful completion of her studies in social sciences, she is now primarily responsible for supervising trainees.

Carolin Schwerin-Kirsch works in close collaboration with the trainees and the specialist CREMER departments around young talent. She organises company attendances at trade fairs and is the first point of contact of school leavers interested in joining the company. 

She also provides support to expats: anyone working abroad for CREMER either in the short or long term will receive advice and support from Carolin Schwerin-Kirsch if they have any questions regarding employee relocation.

In her free time, she loves trying out new activities of all kinds, whether it’s Kundalini yoga, singing, kickboxing or horse riding!

Birte Tan, HR consultant

As a business administrator with a special focus on HR management, Birte Tan is the first point of contact for CREMER employees for any issues regarding staffing or accounting. Her door is always open to employees, whether they have small queries or important issues. Birte, originally from Hamburg, studied in Koblenz but returned home in 2009. After holding a number of positions in the HR departments of major companies, Birte Tan transferred to the CREMER HR department in 2017. 

Whether it’s Excel, forms or lists - this mother of two has an enormous talent for working in a structured way, and this is a skill for which she is not only valued by her teammates. Birte Tan works part-time at CREMER, meaning she enjoys the perfect work-life balance.

Tanja Bodschwinna, HR consultant

Tanja Bodschwinna is the point of contact for all CREMER employees based in Hamburg for any administrative staff matters, with a particular focus on payroll accounting. She also oversees topics relating to accounting for CREMER employees based abroad.

 A native of Hamburg, Tanja has been working in the HR department of this Hamburg family company since 2017 and has over 25 years of experience in the HR sector. Tanja Bodschwinna is familiar both with the working environment of HR service providers and the operative, company-based side of things. Her working methods are characterised by her strong sense of duty and her keen eye for detail. Closely connected with this Hanseatic City, she loves the Elbe river and is energised by her creativity and doing activities round the home and garden.