"Our greatest asset is the team" 

You are head of the OLEO division. What does the oleo business mean to CREMER?

Christian Falck: The OLEO division is one of the most diverse at CREMER. Thanks to the use of our products in many industries and our almost 2,000 customers, new opportunities regularly arise to expand the existing business. Aside from realizing continually positive value for the company, the OLEO division is tasked with leveraging its global network to develop new ideas and business opportunities. Combining our trading business with investment in internal finishing operations secures our long-term position in ever consolidating markets.

What do you love most about your job?

Christian Falck: Our greatest asset is the team, and it’s great to see how many of our colleagues have grown over the past years. I am driven mostly by fun at work and the intrinsic motivation to develop the OLEO division. This is supported by CREMER's family-oriented DNA and illustrated by our quick implementation paths and entrepreneurial freedom.

I am driven mostly by fun at work and the intrinsic motivation to develop the OLEO division."
Christian Falck

Looking forward: What developments do you foresee at CREMER OLEO over the next years?

Christian Falck: The first priority will be to prioritize and implement our many current projects. Alongside building out our core business, we will work to develop our competitive advantages in previously unknown markets. Regularly interacting with other CREMER divisions as well as coordinating cross-functional business opportunities are integral to this. Taking over the Uetersen location is an important first step toward expanding OLEOʼs service activities – and surely not the last…