Minerals & Ores

100 years of trading in raw materials around the world - With Possehl Erzkontor, CREMER is one of the leading players in the traditional business of mineral and other raw material trade. We supply industrial companies all over the world with minerals, ores, metals, chemicals and plastic materials. In the preferred grades and quantities, and on the best possible terms.

The Erzkontor Group is headquartered in the Hanseatic city of Lübeck in northern Germany. The International Trading division currently consists of nine companies with sites in Europe, North America, South America and Asia. Approx. 180 employees work for the Group worldwide, generating annual revenues of around € 350 million. Our customer base includes companies from the refractory industry, metallurgy and foundries, cement and construction materials, as well as chemicals and plastics processing.

Our core business is trading. But we offer more than top-quality goods and efficient sourcing of raw materials. Since Possehl Erzkontor GmbH was founded in 1915, we have continued to expand the range and scope of our services in upstream and downstream supply processes.

In addition to our subsidiaries, we are now supported by a network of established affiliates and offices around the globe. At key strategic sites, we offer special value-creating applications for the processing of raw materials to industry and customer-specific standards. Our wide range of services for distribution, logistics and international freight forwarding add the finishing touch to our portfolio.

The companies and partners in the Erzkontor Group complement one another with their expertise and great professionalism. Every one of our employees knows what to do. All of them act together with care, attention and passion to get the best for our customers. And they do this every day.

We look ahead to respond proactively to any changes in the market, and to offer our partners the uninterrupted reliability they know and expect from us. Our word is our bond. That is one reason why Possehl Erzkontor is greatly respected by customers and suppliers, shipping and transport companies, investors and financial service providers. For over 100 years, all over the world.

For more information please visit www.erzkontor.com.