No continent too far, no time too short

Buying and selling is the origin of CREMER. In the Trade & Logistics division, we bundle all activities of international trade with our wide range of logistics solutions.

With our global network of own trade offices, agents and affiliates, some of which we have maintained friendly relations with for generations, CREMER deals with agricultural and industrial raw materials. Grains, molasses, steel, oleochemical products, as well as ores and minerals, are part of our balanced portfolio of raw materials for the processing industry.

With almost 80 years of global trade, we have secured a market position as a competent and reliable trading partner. We are proud of that. Our trading business is complemented with an extensive portfolio of logistics services. Initially intended as an internal service provision, CREMER today operates as an efficient partner for our customers with its international logistics network in a market geared towards cost awareness and flexibility.