Do you want to dive into the world of oleochemistry, logistics and global trade? In our magazine we would like to take you on a journey through our world.

Take a look behind the scenes with us and discover how new product and service ideas come about, how innovation is brought to life and how we help our employees to thrive. Travel with us to Cincinnati or Shanghai, Singapore or Hamburg. You will be amazed at how often you come across our products every day.

Our Customer Magazine "CREMER MAG"

You'd like to learn more about us. Then browse through the current issue of our customer magazine "CREMER MAG". Our magazine is published once a year and tells exciting stories from the global CREMER world. 

CREMER Magazine 2020

Cremer Magazin

Join us to India to meet one of our oldest trading partners, with whom we have been closely connected for more than 50 years. 

Get to know our new CREMER Oleo team in Brazil or meet people like Melanie Zimper, our only female steel trader in Europe.

You will also find out more about how we organize our supply chain management and why we rely on the dual study program for training our youngsters.

Here you can browse the English magazine and here you find the German version.

CREMER Magazine 2019

Cremer Magazin

Discover our oleochemical world and learn more about the jack of all trades glycerin.

We also take you to our CREMER offices around the world. Get to know the colleagues from Cincinnati, Hamburg, Singapore and Wuxi.

Find out more about how we create new products and why we support logistics startups.

Here you can browse the English magazine and here you find the German version.