The food industry and consumer eating habits are undergoing major changes worldwide. Global nutrition trends are increasingly guided by sustainability, health, and conservation of natural resources. More consumers are choosing to be vegetarian or vegan, or follow trends such as clean eating and having a low carb diet.

We intend to play a major role in driving these trends through our subsidiaries and active participation in the nutrition category. With our products and services, we provide for consumer needs directly (B2C), and also work in the B2B space as a production and development partner for multinationals, established brand-name manufacturers, scale-ups, and white label producers.

As your production partner, we share and leverage on the depth of knowledge and expertise we have gained over the decades. We also provide support with our international network in the global logistics and supply chain processes.

Our Participations

CREMER Jianyuan Food Shandong Co. Ltd.

Since 2020, CREMER has established a plant-based extrusion facility in Zhaoyuan City for pea protein-based high-moisture extrudate (HME) and dry texture (TVP). 

This extrusion venture was jointly established with Shandong Jianyuan Group, one of China’s leading food industry suppliers and producers of pea protein to reach highest technological and raw material standards. 

Here we focus on first-class pea extrudates for meat alternatives and high-protein crispeas for the nutrition bar industry.

CREMER Jianyuan Food Shandong Co. Ltd.
Shandong (China)

Cremer Sustainable Foods PTE. Ltd.

Cremer Sustainable Foods PTE. Ltd. is a joint Venture company formed between CREMER Nutrition and Temasek’s Asia Sustainable Foods Platform. Cremer Sustainable Foods’ core focus will be to augment contract manufacturing capabilities for plant-based protein products in Asia and accelerate the commercialization of sustainable foods in the region.

The company’s first manufacturing facility in Singapore will be anchored upon high moisture extrusion (HME) technology and is expected to have an initial production capacity of over 1,000 tonnes per year. The facility will be opened in July 2022. 

Cremer Sustainable Foods PTE. Ltd.

Viridi Foods

Viridi Foods specializes in the production of plant proteins and starches from organically grown peas, fava beans, chickpeas, hemp and other raw materials. More specifically, the company supplies vegan starch flours, protein powders, as well as protein and plant flours.

These products can be used not just for food production, but also in other areas such as the cosmetic industry. Viridi Foods has a unique and innovative production process that distinguishes it from its competitors, with many of its products helping to set a new standard of quality.

Viridi Foods GmbH
Alzenau (Germany)

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