Peter Cremer GmbH opens production site for liquid feed in Saxony (Germany)

The expansion of activities to include the production of liquid blends is a consistent step for the company away from pure trading. For this purpose, Peter Cremer GmbH has entered into a long-term cooperation with Futtermittel Oberhoff GmbH & Co.KG.

"The opening of our production site for liquid feed together with Oberhoff is an important step for us not only to trade molasses, but also to enter into production," says Christian Kirsch, Managing Director of Peter Cremer GmbH. "We want to create added value in the supply chain with this step. In addition, with the newly developed liquid feed, we offer a product that is specifically tailormade for the needs of farmers in Germany.

"Peter Cremer and Oberhoff fit together very well," says Hans Hermann Oberhoff, Managing Director of Futtermittel Oberhoff GmbH & Co.KG. "For a long-term cooperation, it is important for us to share similar values with our partners. We are therefore very pleased about the successful cooperation with Peter Cremer GmbH."

The newly developed liquid feed is developed to support farmers in Germany in emitting lower CO2 emissions and increasing the milk yield of cows, while at the same time focusing on the well-being of the animals.


About Peter Cremer GmbH

Peter Cremer GmbH is one of the world's leading traders in molasses, vinasse and steel. With the new liquid feed plant in Saxony, the company is now also entering the production of animal feed. Peter Cremer GmbH is part of the industrial and trading company CREMER.

CREMER was founded in 1946 by Peter Cremer and is a successful international company for trade, logistics and industry, now in its third generation of family ownership. With more than 2,400 employees and over 60 companies and holdings, CREMER is active worldwide. The company is headquartered in Hamburg.



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